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Back On The Road!

on February 19, 2014

…As I look back at my last post, “No Whammy’s” I think back to how I felt when I started down this road on this blog…Full of hope and excitement about starting the new drug trial. The only reason I started this blog was to chronicle my journey about the ups and downs with this new drug. However, I was stopped short with countless reminders that participants in the study may NOT share their experience publicly. Apparently the drug company has an extremely strict policy in regards to this. So I basically gave up on the blog, gave up writing about my twist and turns in the study.

But something happened over the past week. Here I was posting about donating to the CF Stair Climb that I do every year, asking my amazing friends to donate through an email or by posting a link on my Facebook page; with that I had a couple of messages along with donations..”Miss your blog!” “Hope your doing well on the study drug” “Are you ever going to post on your blog again?”

I thought to myself, even though I started this whole coughing blonde thing to document my trial, why couldn’t I just use this blog to write about my journey with CF?  How great would it be to look back on my entries from time to time, especially when I’m having maybe not the best day health wise?!

So here I am. It’s a new day, a new post. Same journey down the road with CF. Same blonde girl who started this blog 8 months ago with the same hope, positivity and excitement for the future. I will never give up on my goal to live the healthiest life possible with CF no matter what setbacks may occur, and this blog will be proof of that..After all, giving up on that goal with the road I’m traveling on is like slashing your other three tires because on one of them you got a flat…


One response to “Back On The Road!

  1. John Nash says:

    We love you Erin! keep on blogging!

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