The Coughing Blonde

A blonde just looking to breathe a little easier…

No Whammys!!!

on July 2, 2013


Do you ever remember the show Press your Luck?? “NO WHAMMYS, NO WHAMMYS!!!!!”
I loved that show! Especially when someone got whammied, I loved seeing what dance that little whammy would do or how it would blow up the money!
However, in real life, I hate when I may get “whammied”
Let me explain…I think CF can sometimes be a press your luck game, where you’re hoping not to get sick, catch a cold, have trouble breathing..aka Get a WHAMMY!
For example, I woke up yesterday with a bit of scratchy throat, a bit more of a cough then I have experienced in the past couple weeks, and just had an off sort of feeling..So immediately that set me into a bit of an anxious mood..Ready, Set, SPIN THE WHEEL!
No Whammies…No Whammies…NO WHAMMIESSSSS!!!!!!
As the day progressed yesterday I drank twice the amount of water than I usually do, (and if you know me that’s A LOT!) took extra vitamin C and went to bed a little earlier than usual…and of course before I closed my eyes, I hoped when my alarm fired off at 5:00am this morning I wouldn’t see a whammie dancing around my head…Especially since I had my 4 week follow up on the drug trial at 8:00am this morning
5:00AM came as it always does, way too soon, and as I woke up, the best feeling ever, NO WHAMMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt ok! I laced up my sneakers and was off for my morning run!
Nothing too exciting to report from the 4 week study visit, besides getting to share a few of those precious moments where I thought I could feel my lung capacity was better!!! Other than that it was the same old poking, prodding, feeling out questionnaires…
As I sit here and type this tonight I think I have escaped (fingers crossed) the whammy that was looming over my head yesterday, as cute as I think he is, I am glad he took off for now…
That’s one of the most frustrating things with CF, one day you feel perfectly fine, the next can be such a drastic change..even one hour to the next sometimes can be drastically different. One second you can feel absolutely great, the next second it can hit you like a ton of bricks,whether it’s a coughing fit, an extreme fatigue or having trouble getting a breath.
Now I’m not the type of person whose going to EVER let those things stop me from doing anything in life, even in those moments of tribulation I try to just keep on going and put on a smile.. and I will admit (even though I HATE to) it can be difficult sometimes..
BUT if and when I do have to take a step back or take a time out I have surrounded myself with people that understand 100 PERCENT.
So LUCKY for me, even though I’ll always have a whammy waiting to pop up at any time, I have learned to accept that whammy, because at the end of the day “pressing my luck” is made me into the grateful person I am today, and if I have to spin that wheel from time to time, so be it! 😉


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