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Nothing lasts forever …

on June 26, 2013

As I write this post at 5:00am this morning, I think to myself 9 days ago was my last post…9 days ago I had nothing to new to report…but nothing lasts forever…
Over the past week I haven’t feel any change…I did have a second week evaluation appointment, where I filled out some questionnaires and had a bunch of blood draws, EKG’s and PFT’s …nothing too glamorous besides those acronyms!  Of course the main question of the day was “Are you feeling anything!?” which unfortunately was an answer of “absolutely nothing” But that didn’t deter anyone including me, it could take more time, it could be the placebo, or frankly it could be nothing, after all, this is just a trial!
A highlight of the past 9 days was receiving a delicious “care package” from my SPECTACULAR friend, Lizzy. It was filled with delicious goodies for when I need a fatty snack on the go to take with the trial drug ..I seriously have the BEST friends EVER!!!
One low point was on Sunday when I had a tiny bit of hemoptysis. I always get panicked when it happens, because I’m usually terrified it will turn into a serious situation, however, by Monday evening the tiny bit that it was had subsided.
Fast forward to last night, Tuesday night spin class! Tuesday night has my favorite instructor; not only does she kick our butt, she has the best music and is extremely entertaining to watch and listen too. Class started off the same as it always does.. Fast, furious, hot and sweaty..but about 30 minutes or so into the class when we were sprinting during one of the songs I noticed something, I was not as out of breathe as I usually am..*WAIT*…could something be happening? I went ahead and turned my resistance up and little more and sprinted even faster. I was not gasping for air, or having to tone it down a little (which I usually have to do) That has been the very FIRST MOMENT since I started on this trial journey that I may have actually felt an effect from the drug..I was overcome with hope, happiness and sweat of course 😉 I motioned to my friend Jen on the bike next to me, this was too good not to share, at first she thought I was trying to get her attention because I was dying through the drill, but when I told her what was happening we both let out a collective “hurraaaayyy” over the music!!! The rest of the class I felt empowered, I literally didn’t want it to end, I wanted to spin my little legs away all night long 🙂
I’m not getting my hopes up too high, but I am however excited to have had a moment like that, and be able to post an exciting update!
Our last song in class was Guns n Roses November Rain and it couldn’t have been more perfect.
9 days ago I had nothing new to report, 9 days ago I was in a lull, 9 days ago I was wondering when I’d be able to post some sort of update involving feeling something from this drug, but nothin’ lasts forever, even cold November rain…


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