The Coughing Blonde

A blonde just looking to breathe a little easier…

Spinning my lungs away

on June 17, 2013

Who doesn’t love weekends?! Especially long weekends?!!?
And there was finally some sunshine out!
I had the privilege of having Friday off and spending it with one of my favorite people, my friend Jennifer!
Jen and I decided to take up spinning back in December. We spin about 2-3 times a week. For me it’s been more like 1-2 times these past couple months. In the summer I much prefer running outside as much as I can. Since I started my trial I haven’t been to a spin class.
Since we both had Friday off we decided to go the 9:15am class..or as I call it “the housewives class” I was curious to see if I would feel any change during class, spinning is usually extremely tough on my lungs the ENTIRE time!! Welp, let me tell you that class definitely was far from easy!!!!!! It was just as hard as it’s ever been! But that’s ok, pain is only the weakness leaving the body!!! So I’ll continue to go ahead and sweat that weakness out!
The rest of the weekend I was a busy bee, it was non stop!!! Saturday, I went to breakfast with my awesome old roommate, Nicole, Saturday evening I got to have an early dinner after a shower meeting with Jen’s family and Sunday, Ryan and I went and joined Ryan’s family downstate for a Father’s day cookout. There was one question throughout the weekend that came up more than once, everyone wanted to know how I was doing with the trial!
I was a little sad to report I haven’t really felt much of a difference. However, even with the fact that I had no changes to report, it was still great to discuss the trial and talk about ALL the amazing things that should be coming down the road.
Today, I started my antibiotic that I inhale 3x a day, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Like I said in previous blogs I’m hoping that starting it up will give me that good clear out that I need! I also am coming up on 2 weeks!! These past two weeks haven’t had much action on the lung front. I have noticed I’ve woken up several nights coughing, which I never really do too much, but other than that, same breathing, same coughing, same treatments, same blonde hoping to breathe a little easier, with the same attitude that all good things come to those who wait 😉


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