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Rainy Day 7

on June 11, 2013


Day 7!! One week in the books!!!!!!!! The above picture is me taking my first pill on morning #7!! 15 minutes before that I scarfed down a strawberry frosted pop tart and a janette cookie that one of my co workers brought in for me,  compliments of his good’ole Italian mother!
….It was a cloudy, rainy day here in New York. I haven’t felt any big changes at this point. A couple things to note, over the weekend Ryan said he noticed that I didn’t cough at all throughout the night, which I tend to do in hotel rooms since usually the AC is going. (Unfortunately, air conditioning wreaks havoc on my lungs for some reason)
Also, I still have a productive cough in the mornings, but I’ve noticed it hasn’t lingered too much by the time I’ve gotten to my office; on top of that I haven’t been clearing my throat too much thanks to that lovely little nemesis knows as “post nasal drip” I sometimes have issues with.
However, last night I did wake up with a cough and I also had some coughing with production going on this afternoon..soooo again who knows!!
I am wondering once I start my antibiotic, Cayston (which is through a nebulizer, 3x a day, 2 weeks on/2 weeks off) if it will be more effective with the treatment. I am starting that Monday!
As I think back to this time last week, I think how excited, anxious and hopeful I was about this trial to start!! Not knowing what effect it would have on me. I find myself obviously still thinking those things, still wondering what’s ahead for me in the trial, but it’ still waaaaay soon and I have a long ways ahead of me. And on this cloudy, rainy day I am once again reminded that “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” …good thing I love to dance!..the rain for that matter, that will ruin my hairdo 😉


One response to “Rainy Day 7

  1. Stephanie Parise says:

    Happy One Week!! Love the blog 🙂

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