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13.1 Miles or Bust!

on June 9, 2013

It was a crisp, cool, cloudy morning in the Adirondacks, a great morning to go ahead and run 13.1 miles, a great morning for awesome accomplishments to be made, a fantastic morning to cheer on our friend Corey in the Lake Placid half/full marathon!!!
I’ve never been on the sidelines at any race, all the races I’ve been to I’ve been a participate in, so I was beyond excited to be a cheerleader on the sides and give back the encouragement that people have given me during my races!!
Ryan and I left for Lake Placid on Saturday, after me packing and double checking about 20 different times that I had my study drug for Saturday night and Sunday morning.
When I leave for trips, I hate that feeling of puling out of the driveway and thinking you forgot something. This literally happens to me every time, and almost every time I don’t forget anything, but that never eases the feeling when I pack the next time.
I wanted to be prepared to have some sort of fatty snack with me just in case I was unable to time my pills with dinner that night or breakfast that next morning..this was definitely something new to consider when going out of town that I will have to plan for the “back-up fatty snack”
Ryan and I are ALWAYS on the go, especially in the summer (hello wedding season!) and most of the time when we’re traveling we’re eating all our meals out or have more than enough access to grab a quick snack, but nevertheless I just always want to be prepared! So I threw in more than a handful of salted almonds into a plastic baggie and put them in my purse.
Out the door we went and a little over 2 hours later we arrived in Lake Placid!!
Corey, Serena, Ryan and I had a delicious dinner that night at our hotel restaurant, it timed out perfectly with my trial drug.
Fast forward to the next morning at 8:00am, race time!!!!! We were all soooooo excited to see Corey off at the race, our group gathered at the start line, then again at the 2 mile mark. A part of me wanted to jump into the race! Watching all those racers knowing that they were either off to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles was invigorating!!!
After everyone ran by us at the 2 mile mark, all we could do was wait!
At that point our group which included Ryan, Serena, Corey’s parents, his brother Casey and his wife Deb and their cute new baby boy had a delightful breakfast at a restaurant in town (on a side note, this family is amazing, they have been more than supportive of me and the CF foundation, donating and attending fundraising events, I love them!). ..And you guessed it there was an opportunity for my “fatty meal” to take with my drug! French toast here I comeeee!!!!!!!!!
After breakfast we hustled down to the finish line, Corey told us he should be done around 2:15-2:30 mark..we got there at 2:05 so we “thought” we had time to spare, but we were waaay wrong, our superstar runner had finished in 2:02!!!!!!!!
We were so sad and felt terrible we didn’t get to see him finish!! I was soooooo excited to see him cross that finish line and cheer him on so I was definitely disappointed I didn’t get see that!!! …BUT the good news is he did ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watching all those runners come across that finish line with the music blasting and their names getting called out made me look forward to my next race even more, it made me look forward to many races that I know I’ll be running in down the road, it made me look forward to the prospect of running races with the possibility of a kick-ass drug that will help me through those races, it made me look forward to the thought that I could maybe, juuuuuust maybe one day complete my very own half marathon…. 😉


One response to “13.1 Miles or Bust!

  1. Sarah Brockway says:

    ROOM!!!!! I fn love you & this blog that’s already made me cry. I will totally be with you to run that half marathon!!! Miami has one every January.. flat and sunny 😉 😉 This is awesome.

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