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Day 2…Bad days aren’t so bad…

on June 6, 2013

Day 2 ..5:00am in the morning…just me, the sunrise and the pavement. I can feel the cool breeze upon my face and the wind on my I approach the first hill in my morning run I think to myself about half way up “wow this is easier” and “could the drug ALREADY be working?” aaaaand just as quick as that thought came into my mind it quickly left as I gasped for breath..BAM!.. back to my run, full of heavy breathing and struggling to keep up a good pace…But there I was, 21 minutes later finished with those 2.1 miles..with the sun on my face and the cool breeze surrounding me. A perfect morning for a run, a perfect morning to think about how much easier my runs could become one day with the help of those 9 little pills.

Obviously I wasn’t expecting the medicine to be working yet (if I have the actual drug and not the placebo) but I couldn’t help some wishful thinking!

Too be honest I actually had a pretty rough day, I was extremely congested this morning and had a pretty productive cough throughout the whole morning into the afternoon, on top of that I was exhausted. Now, it’s not out of the ordinary for me to have good days and bad, but today being one of those “bad” days was just a little more disappointing since I just started the trial yesterday.

After work I went to the grocery store wandering around the aisles searching for “decent fatty snacks” to take with the pills. I settled on some yogurt (NOT the light and fit kind) to have in the morning and some walnuts/almonds to have at night. As much as I love cupcakes and cookies, I cannot be having them twice a day for the next 6 months! …or *hopefully* the rest of my life 😉

Fast forward to 9:30pm. Here I sit, writing this entry. Night dose taken, reflecting on my day.

Even though it was one of my “bad” days, no days are ever really a “bad” day. I believe any day where I wake up breathing, where I can lead a normal life is a GOOD day..I may not have as much energy and have to struggle to breathe a little more than most, but then again I sure as hell don’t take one breath for granted.

And to top off this so called “bad” day, I just received a beyond amazing text from an extremely good friend regarding this very blog.

Texts like those are the reason that bad days don’t matter…these are the moments that I forget about all this breathing nonsense..these are the moments that no matter what happens in this study I am reminded I am surrounded by some pretty superb people in my life, because they make these bad days don’t seem that bad at all…


6 responses to “Day 2…Bad days aren’t so bad…

  1. Elizabeth Utzig says:

    I just read this post while sipping my coffee and watching the rain let up. The birds are chattering away ( there’s a nest in the drain spout above my kitchen window so I am greeted each time I am at the sink. Even though the sun is not shining today, your post lit up my day. You are an incredibly strong and wise woman. I love your never give up attitude. If only we could bottle it, the world would be a better place. There may be more bad days but you, my dear, will always turn them into good. Take care. Love you lots. “Mom” xoxo

    Sent from my iPad

  2. SueA says:

    Erin – You’re one of my favorite people of all time, love you – I pray that the next year is all you hope it will be. Blog on!

  3. Jill says:

    Hi, I am a CF Mom to Alli, age 12. She has a double DF508, I am so glad I cam across your blog! I plan to follow your progress. Thank you for sharing and for paving the way for others with CF. Good luck, best wishes and breathe easy!

  4. liz Mark says:

    Erin your a fighter We love you Marty and Liz

  5. lori cote says:

    Good luck Erin, we will keep you in our prayers here and if there’s ANYTHING we can do for you here at sjhs please let us know. Cote

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