The Coughing Blonde

A blonde just looking to breathe a little easier…

..ALMOST 12 hours later

on June 5, 2013

9:12pm..It’s been quite the day! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little tired from day 1. Being poked and prodded for 7 hours is a little tiring! …As a side note, I wish I had better veins to get blood from, my arm has some major bruising going on..guess I’ll have to wear a purple dress tomorrow so I’ll be colored coordinated 😉

It’s almost time for my SECOND dose! This time it will be 4 pills instead of 5.

I was specifically told to have a HIGH FAT HIGH CALORIE snack with each dose. Looks like Neapolitan ice cream will be my choice tonight! I’m thinking I’ll have to do some extensive “research” on some fatty snacks to add some variety for me during this trial…I can tell my fiancee may be a little jealous about my new snack schedule!

So far I’m not feeling any change, not that I was expecting to yet, but I’m curious to see how my 5:00am run goes tomorrow morning!

Until then……

Off to the freezer I go!

Goodnight Moon!


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